why sites suddenly stopped working in dedicated/virtual private servers

VeriSign has made some changes recently which are applied since March 1, 2010.  You can read detail by clicking here

How do I fix it?

You need to log in to your control panel and modify the affected domain name’s zone file, using the table below as an example.

To Modify or Add DNS Records in Plesk

  1. Log in to Plesk as an Admin.
  2. From the list of domains at the bottom of the page, click the domain name you want to work with.
  3. Under the Services group, click the DNS button.
  4. To add a DNS entry, select the type of record you want to create and click Add.

To Modify or Add DNS Records in Simple Control Panel

  1. Log in to Simple Control Panel.
  2. Click the DNS button on the main screen.
  3. Click the Edit icon (the pencil) to the right of the domain name you want to modify.
  4. Change the desired A and NS records and save the changes.

To Modify or Add DNS Records in cPanel

  1. Log in to cPanel at http://yourdomainnamehere.com/cpanel.
  2. In WHM, click DNS Functions, and then select Edit DNS Zone.
  3. Click the domain you want to modify then click Edit.
  4. Enter the new DNS information then click Save.

Zone File Example

Assuming your domain name is coolexample.com and your IP address is, your zone file needs to have the following NS and A records to resolve properly:

coolexample.com NS ns1.yournameserver.com
coolexample.com NS ns2.yournameserver.com
ns1.yournameserver.com A
ns2.yournameserver.com A

Where ns1 and ns2.yournameserver.com are the nameservers your domain name is pointing to.

If you have an NS record without a corresponding A record, add the A record and make sure it points to the site’s IP address.

Why was this change made?

If a domain name’s zone file has an NS record without a corresponding A record, a third party can create their own A record for your NS record. That means they can redirect traffic to a location of their choosing, a major security loophole.

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