profile pic plugin – Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach()

While using profile pic plugin, I encountered with an error therefore thought to share it with reader. [crayon-6517dd17848dc220639098/] [crayon-6517dd17848df962240729/] This only happens when when none of the profile check boxes are checked at the time of updating a profile. To fix the problem, in profile-pic.php, I changed lines 422 through 424 from … [Read more...]

Add your picture in your blog profile

profile pic is a nice plugin to give you ability to add your picture in your wordpress profile. Plugin can be downloaded from here. After activating this plugin, just to blog admin panel, click on users->profile and you will see the option to upload your picture. Choose the picture you want to upload and save your profile. … [Read more...]

Easy 125×125 Ad Management Plugins For WordPress

If you are selling ad space on your blog, then you will know how difficult it is to manage ads and then remove then after expiry. But there are 2 plugins to make work easy 1) UBD Block Ad 2)  WP125 You can check this video for more detail … [Read more...]

10 best plugin for wordpress

WordPress is a simple to use blogging tool. The beauty of WordPress is that it can become so much more with the simple installation of plugins. With a few clicks, WordPress can become a full fledged Content Management System (CMS). Here is a rundown on the top 10 best plugins every blogger should have installed. Here is a great list that I whipped together of some of the most useful and most … [Read more...]

wp paging – wordpress page number/nevigation plugin

wp paging is a great plugin for wordpress to add page navigation in your blog. Wordpress has no built in paging function with numbers for themes. It’s good for users to know how many posts there are and even go to the last one. It’s good for SEO as well. Click here for more detail ... … [Read more...]

Defend your blog from spam comments

Spam is a problem that plagues any resource on the Internet that allows any kind of user input. The unscrupulous denizens of the Web are constantly on the look out for more ways to include profitable URLs in accessible locations on the Net and as the awareness and popularity of blogging increases so does the allure of utilizing it for profit. In the blogging universe, this has largely meant … [Read more...]

Choosing best host for your blog, consider 5 things

One of the most important aspects of establishing your very own Wordpress installation is the ‘where’ part of that question. Unless you’re lucky enough to have some server class machines hanging around your house connected to a dedicated and blazing fast connection, it’s going to be a decision you’ll need to make. Here are five things you may want to consider to help you make your … [Read more...]

Improve your wordpress administration with 6 plugins

Once you’ve got the hang of using the Wordpress administrator dashboard for doing most tasks you’re going to change or expand that functionality. There are an astonishing number of plugins available that can take care of much of the dirty work of administering your site directly from the same interface you already use. We’ll take a look at some plugins that extend the functionality of the … [Read more...]

five important tips to secure your wordpress blog

One of the utmost concerns among those of us running web applications on the web that are always available should be security. Whether or not you have personal data in your blog is immaterial. A compromised site can be used as a jumping off point for many other types of malicious behavior. Very few hackers will overlook a free lunch no matter how insignificant you may feel like your blog … [Read more...]