How to add remote MSSQL server in Plesk

Adding remote MSSQL server is necessary for those server which host very large traffic websites, and therefore splitting services to multiple servers is necessary to make them fast. Adding remote MSSQL server in Plesk is very simple and just requires few clicks, assuming that you have a server ready with MSSQL Login to plesk click on servers click in database servers click on … [Read more...]

How to install Active Directory on Windows Server 2008

Unlike previous version of windows, there is an additional step requires to install before we go to dcpromo to promote the server to domain controller and install active directory. This additonal step is to enable active directory domain services role on server, and after that we proceed to dcpromo Method to add role is very simple 1) Just open Server Manage, by right clicking on "My … [Read more...]

Configuring/Adding multiple ips in windows using netsh command

If you ever wanted to add 200 ip addresses to Windows Server with one command instead of manually configure it on the interface? Netsh will help you to save time. You can use this quick batch command in cmd: [crayon-650bfc1b50906425664929/] This example will add ip addresses from to with 1 step each time. You can play with this example and change the place of %I to say … [Read more...]

My review on Safari for windows

If you want to have apple interface in your browse then use Safari. If you want to test your website for apple users then use safari for windows. During the early phase of safari, when apply released only beta version of safari for windows, my computer related people compared it with top level windows browsers like mozilla firefox and opera but found it far behind them in my features. Most of … [Read more...]

Clean your windows registry, 3 reason of it

Registry is an important component in Windows Operating system. It is like a central database in windows which contains the information of all installed hardware, software, preferences by users, system startup information, setup, and pc configuration. And because registry controls all the functions in windows, therefore the chances of errors in registry are very high. Moreover, operating system, … [Read more...]

How to make Windows 7 taskbar like Vista

There is an easy way in Windows 7 to make its toolbar look like Vista. 1. Right-click on any open area of the toolbar and choose Properties. 2. Click the "Taskbar buttons" pull-down and choose Never combine. 3. If you really want a more Vista/XP-like taskbar, check the "Use small icons" check box. Me, I like the bigger icons. 4. Click OK. This will not exactly same as Vista but mostly likely … [Read more...]