Troubleshooting vsftp problem – common problems related to vsftp

ERROR: - ftp: connect: Connection refused SOLUTION: Most likely, the vsftpd daemon isn't running. Check /etc/vsftpd/vsftpd.conf, and if it contains "listen=YES" (without a "#" preceding it) it's configured to run in standalone mode. Start vsftpd thusly. [crayon-6517f4fd824a9326994209/] ERROR: - 421 Service not available - 421 Service not available, remote server has closed … [Read more...]

Adding user in vsftp server

My last article was about the installation of vsftp server in CentOS, and here is the detail on how you can make ftp users in it. You can create users in linux using useradd command, however this user is not allowed to use ftp unless you configure it in vsftp configuration. Step: 1 Edit vsftpd.conf, here is one my my servers [crayon-6517f4fd828b2985115983/] Step: 2 Create … [Read more...]

How to install ftp server in Linux – CentOS

There are several ftp servers to be used with Linux, but I like vsftp, and always use it for my work. It just require a command to install.. [crayon-6517f4fd829b0003417612/] Now start ftp service [crayon-6517f4fd829b2492244124/] Run port scan to see ftp port is open or not [crayon-6517f4fd829b5204369904/] … [Read more...]