Installing screen on CentOS 5.x

Screen ... It let you have multiple virtual windows in one physical terminal session, and very necessary to use if you are compiling remotely and your internet connection is not reliable. 1) Download latest RPM [crayon-6513bbc44a8d4680025081/] 2) Install screen dependencies [crayon-6513bbc44a8d7858423131/] 3) Install screen [crayon-6513bbc44a8d8047465296/] 4) Show … [Read more...]

Making static urls using mod rewrite

Apache’s mod_rewrite can be easily used via a file called “.htaccess” to turn dynamic urls into friendly urls. Here is an example of how it’s done: [crayon-6513bbc44ad02788344625/] This will rewrite all paths ending in “.html” to your index file. From there, it’s simply a case of tailoring the rewrite to your requirements. … [Read more...]

Using both php4 and php5 at the same time in Directadmin

If you wish to use both php4 and php5 at the same time, custombuild will allow you to do this. Note that you must have the 2 copies of php running as different types, one as CLI and one as CGI (suPhp). You cannot have both running as CLI, and similarly you cannot have both running as CGI. First, make sure you're running custombuild. This is the guide to install it if you don't have … [Read more...]