How to install Active Directory on Windows Server 2008

Unlike previous version of windows, there is an additional step requires to install before we go to dcpromo to promote the server to domain controller and install active directory. This additonal step is to enable active directory domain services role on server, and after that we proceed to dcpromo Method to add role is very simple 1) Just open Server Manage, by right clicking on "My … [Read more...]

The requested URL /cpanel was not found on this server

The problem is when you attempt to visit “” and you get the following message or similar: [crayon-6513b5e5ce115131545310/] To fix this, you can add following in /usr/local/apache/conf/httpd.conf [crayon-6513b5e5ce11b904228033/] Add this anywhere in the httpd.conf, outside of any <VirtualHost> tags. Restart apache (service httpd restart) And Chill … [Read more...]

Fixing 554 mail server permanently rejected message (#5.3.0) Errors

This error can be because of plesk updater that had updated an unsupported version. 1. Problem can be fixed by reinstalling Dr. Web. 2. Login to your server as root 3. Search for Dr. Web antirus using command [crayon-6513b5e5ce81c480245224/] 4. It should give you result like [crayon-6513b5e5ce820497016078/] 5. Remove them using rpm command [crayon-6513b5e5ce821754437677/] Like … [Read more...]