Avoid Common SEO Mistakes, 5 important tips

These 5 simple SEO solutions for common SEO mistakes can save you time to market and countless hours of frustration trying to reverse engineer competitors, simple keywords or rankings. 1- Don’t target keywords target markets – Keywords come and go and search behavior and user intent is whimsical this is why you should target markets instead of keywords. Since no two people think or search … [Read more...]

Modify title of your Mybb forum

Some times you want to modify the title of your mybb forum to add key words in it. Or change it in some other way for search engine optimization. Do not play with forum title itself because it will make it too long and will not look better. All you need to do is, add your words in template file. Login to mybb admin area, and go to Admin CP -> Templates & Styles -> Templates … [Read more...]

Five tips for search engine optimization while making a website

Search Engine Optimization also known as SEO is one of the most important and most talked about issue regarding website development and designing. Today I’ll give you some hints and tips to make your good search engine optimized website. Everyone wants their website to come on the first two pages of search engines, mostly google. Google has widely changed the way of search engine technology, … [Read more...]

Adding key words in MyBB for SEO

SEO is very very important for any website or forum or blog. MyBB does not provide the option to add key words by default but here are few easy steps for you to add them for Search engine optimization. 1) First, login to Admin Control Panel ( ACP ) , then click on template&Style then click on Template on left side 2) Click on Search/Replace tab 3) Search headerinclude and click on find … [Read more...]