Securing server from SYN flooding DOS attack

As the internet is becoming larger day by day, therefore security risks for your servers are also increasing. If your server is connected to internet and is hosting some good high traffic and popular websites, then there are high chances that you get SYN flooding. SYN flooding is a kind of DOS attack, a.k.a "Deniel of service" attack. SYN SYN packet are specific packes used to establish tcp … [Read more...]

five important tips to secure your wordpress blog

One of the utmost concerns among those of us running web applications on the web that are always available should be security. Whether or not you have personal data in your blog is immaterial. A compromised site can be used as a jumping off point for many other types of malicious behavior. Very few hackers will overlook a free lunch no matter how insignificant you may feel like your blog … [Read more...]

How to add new RBLs to cpanel Exim

More then a year ago, cPanel added a future to the Exim Configuration Editor for everyone to easily select from two RBLs ( and that can be used to filter most of the SPAM that a server receives. While this has been great for most of us (enabling a RBL is a simple as selecting a check box in WHM and pressing the Save button), there are a few admins that would have liked … [Read more...]