Cannot reattach screen session

Some time you get error when you try to reattach with your screen session after you disconnected. So here are some tricks. To see existing screen sessions [crayon-6517f14e87a50923860449/] This will display for your current sessions Get rid of dead sessions [crayon-6517f14e87a53672888380/] To detach a screen [crayon-6517f14e87a54988817824/] If there are more then one screens … [Read more...]

Installing screen on CentOS 5.x

Screen ... It let you have multiple virtual windows in one physical terminal session, and very necessary to use if you are compiling remotely and your internet connection is not reliable. 1) Download latest RPM [crayon-6517f14e87d80652579728/] 2) Install screen dependencies [crayon-6517f14e87d82690058549/] 3) Install screen [crayon-6517f14e87d83952469106/] 4) Show … [Read more...]