How to secure SSH in your server ?

1) Set a very strong password, keep it in your mind but dont write in somewhere. 2) Disable direct root login [crayon-63e3115aa813d492286723/] Search for [crayon-63e3115aa8142344247979/] Set it as [crayon-63e3115aa8143470429801/] Restart ssh [crayon-63e3115aa8144824258873/] 3) Limit user login [crayon-63e3115aa8145177071290/] Restart ssh [crayon-63e3115aa8146074200279/] 4) Disable … [Read more...]

Configuring range of ips in Linux,Centos,fedora core, red hat

Thats pretty simple Just configure on ips in [crayon-63e3115aa8531638219441/] Then Make a new file named ifcfg-eth0-range0 [crayon-63e3115aa8534962782864/] Put following code in it [crayon-63e3115aa8535851487086/] Save and close by pressing [crayon-63e3115aa8536007602188/] Then run command [crayon-63e3115aa8537301709717/] And you are done, ips from to are … [Read more...]