SolusVM: How to add IP addresses Block in SolusVM?

Adding block of IP addresses in SolusVM is very easy. Click on IP BLOCKS >> Add IPv4 Block Enter the following information Block name Netmask Nameservers Select the Node for which you want to add ip block. and click on “Add block” button and you will get success message After that click on “here” in the success message and you will get screen to add a single ip … [Read more...]

Configuring range of ips in Linux,Centos,fedora core, red hat

Thats pretty simple Just configure on ips in [crayon-6513b6c9e185b572779717/] Then Make a new file named ifcfg-eth0-range0 [crayon-6513b6c9e1864429572081/] Put following code in it [crayon-6513b6c9e1866730467721/] Save and close by pressing [crayon-6513b6c9e1867434139673/] Then run command [crayon-6513b6c9e1868412672684/] And you are done, ips from to are … [Read more...]