profile pic plugin – Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach()

While using profile pic plugin, I encountered with an error therefore thought to share it with reader. [crayon-650d53a03991c665731072/] [crayon-650d53a03991f722373754/] This only happens when when none of the profile check boxes are checked at the time of updating a profile. To fix the problem, in profile-pic.php, I changed lines 422 through 424 from … [Read more...]

Add your picture in your blog profile

profile pic is a nice plugin to give you ability to add your picture in your wordpress profile. Plugin can be downloaded from here. After activating this plugin, just to blog admin panel, click on users->profile and you will see the option to upload your picture. Choose the picture you want to upload and save your profile. … [Read more...]

10 best plugin for wordpress

WordPress is a simple to use blogging tool. The beauty of WordPress is that it can become so much more with the simple installation of plugins. With a few clicks, WordPress can become a full fledged Content Management System (CMS). Here is a rundown on the top 10 best plugins every blogger should have installed. Here is a great list that I whipped together of some of the most useful and most … [Read more...]