How to upgrade php to 5.2 in Plesk 9.x and 8.x

By default plesk 9.x and 8.x comes with php 5.1 installed, however if your application requires php 5.2 specifically then you can upgrade it manually with simple steps. [crayon-6513ac4a99324993596278/] … [Read more...]

Log rotation in plesk 8.x

Some websites receive high traffic and, as a result, the apache log files grow very large, very quickly. By default, Plesk rotates logs every 2,025,139 KB (2GB). This is way too large for a virtualised server such as ours, which provides 10GB of precious disk space. To combat this, I set up a regular log rotation in Plesk like so: Log in to Plesk. Domains > > Log … [Read more...]