[ionCube Loader] The Loader must appear as the first entry in the php.ini file in Unknown on line 0

Recently I had problem with apache after upgrade, and after checking log files, I found that error was [crayon-650bffc22ba82504841148/]   This is because ionCube must be loaded before any of the Zend extensions are. So if you have the Zend extension/optimizer loaded, your php.ini should look like this to get ionCube to work:   [crayon-650bffc22ba87239741107/] … [Read more...]

Disabling open_basedir in plesk

Plesk handle things differently then Cpanel. If you will make any custom change in plesk configuration files then they will revert to original after some specific period of time. To disable open_basedir in plesk for some specific domain, it requires to make a vhost.conf file. Go to /var/www/vhosts/your_domain.com/conf Make a file name vhost.conf Paste the following code in … [Read more...]

MyLiteratureTechLife.COM’s tutorial service

From today, I will be writing tutorials on the usage of different control panel for web hosting, this include free control panels - Kloxo - Webmin and commercial control panel - Cpanel - Plesk Tutorials on more control panels will be added by the time. So keep reading :) … [Read more...]

Plesk – Error: Unable to update hosting preferences

Error: Unable to update hosting preferences: WebServerManager::addVhost() failed: websrvmng failed: The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process. (Error code 32) at Open file 'C:\WINDOWS\system32\inetsrv\fcgiext.ini'" Unable to update hosting preferences: WebServerManager::addVhost() failed: websrvmng failed: The process cannot access the file because it is … [Read more...]

How to change domain owner in Plesk

Changing owner for a domain in plesk is very easy, it requires when you need to move domain from one customer's account to another customer's account. Login to plesk, go to domains, and see the domain lists Select check box with domain which you want to move Click on "Assign New Domain Owner" On the next page, select the new owner for domain Click on "Next" Next page will show you … [Read more...]

How to add remote MSSQL server in Plesk

Adding remote MSSQL server is necessary for those server which host very large traffic websites, and therefore splitting services to multiple servers is necessary to make them fast. Adding remote MSSQL server in Plesk is very simple and just requires few clicks, assuming that you have a server ready with MSSQL Login to plesk click on servers click in database servers click on … [Read more...]

Plesk Qmail error – 451 qq internal bug (#4.3.0)

If you are getting error while sending email from your plesk server using outlook [crayon-650bffc22c3be885384020/] To eliminate this problem, stop Qmail process and replace qmail-queue, qmail-local and qmail-remote with the qmail-queue.moved, qmail-local.moved and qmail-remote.moved accordingly: [crayon-650bffc22c3c1321974366/] If you face any problems replaising these files, you can stop … [Read more...]

How to increase Qmail sending limit

First verify that these setting have not already been customized, as running the commands will overwrite any changes they have made. The following command will show you whether those files exist: [crayon-650bffc22c5b9596035072/] Run following command to update limits [crayon-650bffc22c5ba543693904/] The default timeouts are set to 20 minutes, or 1200 seconds. So if the mail server on the … [Read more...]