Install nconf web interface for nagios on debian/ubuntu

Last post was about how to install nagios on debian or Ubuntu. Nagios is a famous monitoring script but problem is it is command based, however several third party web interfaces are available, one of which is nconf. Download nconf [crayon-650de5e8224cf382832079/] Change the web owner for nconf [crayon-650de5e8224d1728369187/] Create a database/username/password to use for nconf, you can … [Read more...]

How to install nagios on Debian ?

Nagios is a famous and opensource monitoring script, being widely used by most of the host to monitor their networks and servers. Installation of nagios on debian is very easy, just a command [crayon-650de5e82277e494809386/] [crayon-650de5e822780203934518/] You will be asked for nagiosadmin password during this process, you should provide it and keep remember. Restart apache after … [Read more...]