Installing and configuring Squid proxy server on Debian

Installing and configuring squid take just 5 minutes maximum. Installing [crayon-628a383e87714293599554/] and squid is installed, now all we need is to just add and change few options in configuration file. Path to squid configuration is [crayon-628a383e87719310157161/] Open configuration file and add your ip [crayon-628a383e8771a515902029/] If you want to add a complete ip range then … [Read more...]

How to install Active Directory on Windows Server 2008

Unlike previous version of windows, there is an additional step requires to install before we go to dcpromo to promote the server to domain controller and install active directory. This additonal step is to enable active directory domain services role on server, and after that we proceed to dcpromo Method to add role is very simple 1) Just open Server Manage, by right clicking on "My … [Read more...]

Installing screen on CentOS 5.x

Screen ... It let you have multiple virtual windows in one physical terminal session, and very necessary to use if you are compiling remotely and your internet connection is not reliable. 1) Download latest RPM [crayon-628a383e87a55610650862/] 2) Install screen dependencies [crayon-628a383e87a58389646308/] 3) Install screen [crayon-628a383e87a59091803280/] 4) Show … [Read more...]

Installing & configuring shorewall firewall in Ubuntu/Debian

Shore line firewall known as "Shorewall", it is a very high level firewall and very easy to install and ocnfigure How to install :- [crayon-628a383e87e2b007067135/] configuring shorewall startup service :- [crayon-628a383e87e2e956961430/] #Now simply change the line below from 0 to 1 [crayon-628a383e87e2f674715930/] #save, and exit. Shorewall configuration files are stored in two … [Read more...]

wireshark on Centos5.x, installation and running

Installation of wireshark is very easy on centos [crayon-628a383e882a9859761884/] Run a capture [crayon-628a383e882ac867810333/] This command will run Wireshark/Ethereal, capture on the eth1 interface and output the data to /yourhomedir/mycapture.pcap … [Read more...]