How to install ftp server in Linux – CentOS

There are several ftp servers to be used with Linux, but I like vsftp, and always use it for my work. It just require a command to install.. [crayon-6512b2609a387500381764/] Now start ftp service [crayon-6512b2609a38a572150736/] Run port scan to see ftp port is open or not [crayon-6512b2609a38b371354164/] … [Read more...]

Enableing passive mode in FTP server with CSF firewall

Passive mode is always very important for ftp servers, if you are running csf firewall and cannot connect to ftp server then it means that range of passive ports is blocked in firewall. Here are simple steps 1) Add Passive Port range 30000-350000 to your Pureftp or Proftp configuration file i) For Pure FTP open /etc/pure-ftpd.conf, and this line [crayon-6512b2609a5bb964839932/] ii) … [Read more...]