How to create non root users in Linux

- Command to Create a user in linux is [crayon-650dcca15d3e2731855353/][crayon-650dcca15d3e8892314377/] - Setup the password for user [crayon-650dcca15d3e9426347980/] This will make a user directory in /home However if you have a directory already and want to assign it to user then the command is [crayon-650dcca15d3ea870639838/] Lets make a user … [Read more...]

How to install Active Directory on Windows Server 2008

Unlike previous version of windows, there is an additional step requires to install before we go to dcpromo to promote the server to domain controller and install active directory. This additonal step is to enable active directory domain services role on server, and after that we proceed to dcpromo Method to add role is very simple 1) Just open Server Manage, by right clicking on "My … [Read more...]