Debian – Systemd to kill all user processes after logout in release/version 230

  A bug is reported to Debian related to systemd. [crayon-650dcce250f60496613752/] [crayon-650dcce250f63354937580/] [crayon-650dcce250f64626384365/] [crayon-650dcce250f65072780242/] [crayon-650dcce250f66518072294/] … [Read more...]

The Glibc GHOST Vulnerability – How to Patch your Linux Server/VPS?

A very serious security problem is just found in GNU C library, Glibc, announced yesterday, Jan 27, 2015. This is a critical vulnerability that almost every linux Machine is going to effect by it. Accoding to qualys What is glibc? The GNU C Library or glibc is an implementation of the standard C library and a core part of the Linux operating system. Without this library a Linux system will … [Read more...]

W: GPG error apt-get update NO_PUBKEY AED4B06F473041FA

Error message: lenny/updates Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY AED4B06F473041FA Reason: as it turns out this is because GPG key expired This key rollover is a normal maintenance task and was started in August 2010. For security reasons Debian’s archive signing keys regularly expire after … [Read more...]

How to install nagios on Debian ?

Nagios is a famous and opensource monitoring script, being widely used by most of the host to monitor their networks and servers. Installation of nagios on debian is very easy, just a command [crayon-650dcce251367086148292/] [crayon-650dcce251369365771396/] You will be asked for nagiosadmin password during this process, you should provide it and keep remember. Restart apache after … [Read more...]

Installing & configuring shorewall firewall in Ubuntu/Debian

Shore line firewall known as "Shorewall", it is a very high level firewall and very easy to install and ocnfigure How to install :- [crayon-650dcce2514a9394617424/] configuring shorewall startup service :- [crayon-650dcce2514aa833331921/] #Now simply change the line below from 0 to 1 [crayon-650dcce2514ab370156598/] #save, and exit. Shorewall configuration files are stored in two … [Read more...]

How to move MySQL to second drive

If you ran out of space in your primary drive and wish to move MySQL to another drive then here is a simple procedure. Moving MySQL to another drive is very easy then it look. 1) Find out mount point of secondary drive.  If drive is not mounted yet then you can get help from article "How to mount drive in CentOS" You can run below command to find mount point of secondary … [Read more...]