How to create non root users in Linux

- Command to Create a user in linux is [crayon-6512a8ebe0f16735689761/][crayon-6512a8ebe0f19869518826/] - Setup the password for user [crayon-6512a8ebe0f1a035804102/] This will make a user directory in /home However if you have a directory already and want to assign it to user then the command is [crayon-6512a8ebe0f1b352373269/] Lets make a user … [Read more...]

Configuring/Adding multiple ips in windows using netsh command

If you ever wanted to add 200 ip addresses to Windows Server with one command instead of manually configure it on the interface? Netsh will help you to save time. You can use this quick batch command in cmd: [crayon-6512a8ebe1295937851628/] This example will add ip addresses from to with 1 step each time. You can play with this example and change the place of %I to say … [Read more...]