The Glibc GHOST Vulnerability – How to Patch your Linux Server/VPS?

A very serious security problem is just found in GNU C library, Glibc, announced yesterday, Jan 27, 2015. This is a critical vulnerability that almost every linux Machine is going to effect by it. Accoding to qualys What is glibc? The GNU C Library or glibc is an implementation of the standard C library and a core part of the Linux operating system. Without this library a Linux system will … [Read more...]

Speed test in VPS with out VNC using uses flash to do speed test that is why it required VNC, however it is not more required. If you have a vps with command line access, then all you need is to install python 2.x/3   If you have Python 2.x then run [crayon-65664eb8bc092517908611/] If you have Python 3.x then run [crayon-65664eb8bc094622437735/] Download [crayon-65664eb8bc095927173368/] After that … [Read more...]

SolusVM: How to install OpenVZ master server?

I’m going to start writing tutorials for SolusVM with my experiences, problems which I faced and their solutions. This post is the first post in this series. SolusVM is GUI based VPS management system with full OpenVZ, Linux KVM, Xen Paravirtualization and Xen HVM support. SolusVM allowed master to run on OpenVZ virtualized server, you cannot install it on XEN or KVM. Master can run on a … [Read more...]

How to install ffmpeg in CentOS6.x/Red Hat 6.x ?

create a dag.repo file (if not exists), as below [crayon-65664eb8bc307929965201/] Insert the following: [crayon-65664eb8bc308420749327/] Save dag.repo and come out out vi editor Add the /usr/local/lib to /etc/ [crayon-65664eb8bc309651860629/] Save and exit vi editor. Then run below command: [crayon-65664eb8bc30a129957110/] Please select the correct command … [Read more...]

How to Uninstall r1soft buagent ?

Uninstalling r1soft buagent is very simple, using command [crayon-65664eb8bc3ce433922717/] [crayon-65664eb8bc3d0688117739/] [crayon-65664eb8bc3d1020865797/] … [Read more...]

Error: Missing Dependency: perl(Convert::ASN1) is needed by package samba

While updating a server, I got perl dependency error with Samba [crayon-65664eb8bc47c430536916/] Recommended reading Missing Dependency: after munin installation Solution: ERROR: Unable to install the “psa-backup-manager-9.5.2-cos5.build95100504.12.i586″ package. perl error in CSF installation Removed Samba because it was not requird [crayon-65664eb8bc47d327551832/] but … [Read more...]

Mount reiserfs partitions on CentOS

CentOS use ext3 file system, and it do not support reiserfs. Therefore if you try to mount a drive with reiserfs partition, it give error [crayon-65664eb8bc52d840802235/] It's possible to see what filesystems are supported by running this command: [crayon-65664eb8bc52e332470552/] On my fairly default install CentOS 4 machine, the output of the above command was … [Read more...]

How to increase Qmail sending limit

First verify that these setting have not already been customized, as running the commands will overwrite any changes they have made. The following command will show you whether those files exist: [crayon-65664eb8bc664847055238/] Run following command to update limits [crayon-65664eb8bc665172556937/] The default timeouts are set to 20 minutes, or 1200 seconds. So if the mail server on the … [Read more...]

How to secure SSH in your server ?

1) Set a very strong password, keep it in your mind but dont write in somewhere. 2) Disable direct root login [crayon-65664eb8bc76d240100445/] Search for [crayon-65664eb8bc76f930619705/] Set it as [crayon-65664eb8bc770009714510/] Restart ssh [crayon-65664eb8bc771121976134/] 3) Limit user login [crayon-65664eb8bc772772622564/] Restart ssh [crayon-65664eb8bc773835582072/] 4) Disable … [Read more...]