Bash/Shell script to ping range of IPs

I mostly need to ping range of ips and some times more then 100 ips, and pinging them one by one is a time consuming task. Here is the script to do them quickly. [crayon-5d60c506bf6f4443842753/] You can replace 192.168.1 with your ip range, and 241 and 248 with start and end of ip range … [Read more...]

Monitoring your disk space with shell script

If you are running a busy server with several customers, uploading alot of file then there is a chance that you get out of space without knowing. I was about to write a script for my server but then found it on a famous website. [crayon-5d60c506bfef2135344867/] [crayon-5d60c506bfef9184643104/] Paste above script and save file. [crayon-5d60c506bfefc304123478/] Now script will run daily and … [Read more...]