Banchmarking: Apache+Nginx (LNMP) VS ApacheBooster, Apache+Nginx+Varnish

Ok, here I'm going to show benchmark result of 2 servers, once installed with Nginx reverse proxy on Apache, and other with ApacheBooster plugin in cpanel. Installing Nginx proxy on Apache Installing ApacheBooster, Apache, Nginx and Varnish cache More readings:- How to install Nginx,MySQL,PHP using LNMP-Nginx Autoinstaller How to upgrade Nginx to latest version How to upgrade php … [Read more...]

How to install Lighttpd in Kloxo (LXadmin)

Kloxo (Lxadmin) is one of the free control panel which I love to use on low end boxes. But it use good amount of ram, however kloxo's support claims that kloxo use only 33MB of ram, but for me it is alway 240MB+ even in idle state. Therefore it is best practice to get rid of Apache and use lighttp. Kloxo comes with light http installed by default and if you have apache installed then it is … [Read more...]

Error starting Apache in XAMPP

Apache work on port 80 by default and https work on 443. If you are running some applications which are using these ports already, then apache will give error and will not start.. [crayon-6513c49d1a880510496404/] [crayon-6513c49d1a882542058831/] Just open [crayon-6513c49d1a883201143260/] And find [crayon-6513c49d1a884063859429/] And change to [crayon-6513c49d1a885926741604/] Then … [Read more...]

Easy way to optimize apache,php & MySQL

There are 2 important scripts to optimize apache,php and mysql very easily. They are MySQLTuner (Perl) and MySQL Performance Tuning Primer (shell) They can help diagnose MySQL database performance issues, and provide recommendations on how to solve them. [crayon-6513c49d1aa58256481540/] … [Read more...]

Customize your default apache page in cpanel

You just have to login to your server via ssh. Navigate to /usr/local/apache/htdocs # cd /usr/local/apache/htdocs And finaly edit the file index.html # nano index.html If you list the content of /usr/local/apache/htdocs you will see that you can also modify the content of other error pages that cpanel’s apache outputs. End you are done :) … [Read more...]