Review PhotonVPS – 512MB RAM Cloud VPS

Review PhotonVPS – 512MB RAM Cloud VPS

PhotonVPS is one of the lowend Cloud VPS provider, which offer SSD based storage and KVM Virtualization. There are several mix reviews on the WHT about them, some customers are satisfied and some are angry. However here I’m going to write what I found about them within 48 hours of ordering a VM from them.

Starting with PhotonVPS

I found their PhotonVPS advertisement on WHT while I was searching for a lowend Windows VPS. Their prices for Windows looked very cheap, that a 1GB RAM Windows VPS was only $10.95/m. However after going to their product page link, I saw price of 1GB Windows VPS was $15.95. Upon further investigation, they claimed that it was typing mistake on WHT ad.

windows vps wht ad

windows vps photonvps


Anyhow, I thought to give a try to Linux VPS.


linux vps


Ordering and Starting up


I placed order for 512MB RAM VPS, and received basic Emails. VPS login information was not instant, it took around 60 minutes to get order activated.

There are some features

  • PhotonVPS offer SSD storage
  • 1Gbps DDOS protection is freely added in every plan
  • FREE monitoring service is available

There is some bug in their control panel, that it show 2000MB Bandwidth rather then 2TB (2000GB) and 10MB Disk space, rather then 10GB. I contacted them about it, and they said it is a bug and that VPS will not be suspended because if excessive bandwidth usage.

linux vps product page

PhotonVPS is based on ONAPP, and almost all available features of ONAPP are available in their WHMCS

linux vps setting


Testing on VPS

After installing basic Debian 7 32bit, disk space was


6% inodes were in use


vmstats were


CPU information


Memory Information


Speedtest result


Tested again


100MB file download


DD tests shows somehow inconsistent disk I/O speed

Tested again


This time result was lower, therefore I did third time, and it was back to normal again. Then I did few more times and this time result was consistent.

For Bench mark, here is UnixBench result


GeekBench result


Here is the detailed link for Geek Bench.

Overall VPS is stable and have reliable performance.


Customer Service and Support

Customer service is normal, ticket support is quick. Whenever I opened ticket, it was answered within few minutes. Billing ticket was answered within few hours though.


Overall I found PhotonVPS a better lowend vps provider, in just $5.95/m. I will be hosting some major applications on this VM and will post stability performance till next month.

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