Review BudgetVM – 1GB OpenVZ SolusVM VPS is one of the tiny vps provide, recently I checked their post on WHT and placed an order for 1GB RAM vps. VPS information was received immediately as soon as the payment was done. (10/10)

Disclaimer: I’m no way affiliated with BudgetVM, this review was perform on VPS purchased for personal use.

Usually I purchase tinny VPS to hold my backups, since I believe that I get what I pay, therefore I do not trust on the uptime of those tiny VPSes to hold my websites


The VPS is based in Chicago, USA, and comes with 1024MB RAM, 2GB Burstable RAM, 4 CPU core, 80GB Disk Space and 3000GB Bandwidth, in price $4.99/Month.


VPS comes with CentOS6.2 x64 installed, however I reinstalled it with Debian 6.2 x86 with just SSH installed.

Basic Information:

Result of /proc/cpuinfo shows 4 cores of processor

Result of /proc/meminfo shows 768MB of RAM

Inode and vmstat information is also good.


Downloading of 100MB file took 2.1 second, comparing to 1.1 seconds of Semoweb VPS.

DISK I/O was good and better then Semoweb VPS.

GeekBench result was good but lesser then Semoweb VPS, can be reviews by clicking here.

Unix Bench mark result was also good but ofcourse lesser then Semoweb VPS.


I believe the vps is a good value of money, having excellent resources and response time. Some how it has low bench mark result comparing to Semoweb 768MB RAM VPS, however comparing both prices and resources difference, I hope it is good for my needs unless BudgetVM maintain good uptime. I feel you must try it and share your experience.

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  1. Their OpenVZ VPS doesn’t use cpulimit but instead if you have a process that uses the CPU for too long then they just kill the process.

    Even if you nice -n 19 cmd they still kill the process versus just slowing you down or giving you lower priority.

    Very annoying. I just wanted to bzip2 a backup tar, but I can’t because it keeps killing it. I didn’t care how slow it ran. 🙁

  2. I have used BudgetVM. Their service is as cheap as their pricing. I started with their OpenVZ VPS. One day they suspended my VPS all of a sudden – saying it has exceeded the 2% CPU limit. “2%!!!”. I thought they were kidding – because some shared hosting provider even allow the customers 10% of the CPU usage and BudgetVM gives only 2% to it VPS customer!! Later I switched to XEN VPS – because their support said it will have some dedicated CPU. Only after a week they suspended my account – saying one of my domains were sending spam.
    Well it is acceptable to some extent – but how on earth I can modify/delete those accounts with my VPS suspended. I sent support tickets to them – and they didn’t bother to reply in 24 hours… I had around 20 sites hosted on that VPS and all were down for more than 24 hours. After around 26/27 hours they unsuspended my VPS. I requested them to notify me before suspending again. The same happened again. After 1 hard month – I switched to BurstNet. They are far better than budgetvm. STAY AWAY FROM BudgetVM.

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