Is command line really so bad??

All the Linux bashers use this as an excuse/reason why Linux is not suitable as a desktop operating system. You should never have to use the command line they say. You should have to be able to configure your whole computer just by clicking the mouse. People find the command line confusing and difficult and all.

But, I personally don’t think the command line is really bad at all. Every operating system has a shell and the ability to run commands directly without using a mouse. Most technical support sites give instructions for solving problems with command line commands. And even microsoft does provide instructions to solve problem via command line…

Command line is the most powerful way to control a computer. It has been in existence since the beginning of computing time and it will not go away soon. It is even making a comeback in the windows world with their windows 2008 server and the vista power shell.

So what is so bad about it? It is the single most effective way to help someone. If they have a problem you just give them a few commands which can be copy and pasted and poof! The problem goes away. For diagnosing a problem the command line is great too. Just running a program from a command line can give you more information than a cryptic general protection error. Then that information can be copied and pasted onto forums so others can help.

Many programs, even windows ones, give you more options through the command line than just clicking on an icon. You can make better use of a programs features through the command line than you can opening it up with a mouse click.

Command line usage is far less confusing than trying to describe a graphical interface. I don’t think that people are any dumber now than they were in the dos days yet the impression is given that no one can use the command line. If they could use it in the old days then they can use it today.

I think that the command line is just being a pawn in windows proponents hands and they are trying to use it in the name of FUD. Normal people are quite capable of using the command line and it belittles them when others imply that they are too stupid to use a command line.

Graphical interfaces serve a purpose and so does the command line. It doesn’t matter which operating system you use.

Well thats my opinion about command line, what about you??

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