Install nconf web interface for nagios on debian/ubuntu

Last post was about how to install nagios on debian or Ubuntu. Nagios is a famous monitoring script but problem is it is command based, however several third party web interfaces are available, one of which is nconf.

Download nconf

Change the web owner for nconf

Create a database/username/password to use for nconf, you can use phpmyadmin for this purpose if you have it install.

  1. Now browse http://your_ip_address/nconf
  2. Follow steps to install nconf
  3. Use everything default except NAGIOS_BIN variable to /usr/sbin/nagios3

at the end it will ask you to delete following files and directories

Nagios configuration

Now its time to configure nagios for nconf

  1. Open /etc/nagios3/nagios.cfg
  2. comment out all the lines that begin with cfg_dir= or cfg_file=
  3. Add following 2 lines and save file

Now create directory

Nconf configuration for nagios


and correct the following 2 paths

Now run

Also go to http://your_ip_address/nconf and click on “Generate nagios config”

This command will generate an output named “NagiosConfig.tgz” in /var/www/nconf/output
Extract this and it will give you 2 directories named “global” and “Default_collector”
Copy both of them to /etc/nagios3

And we are almost done

Restart nagios

Add crontab

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  1. Hello,
    I found 2 mistakes in the script:

    1. It is important to set a / after output in the OUTPUT_DIR variable!
    So do not OUTPUT_DIR=”/var/www/nconf/output” but OUTPUT_DIR=”/var/www/nconf/output/”.

    2. Also, you have to chance the line /etc/init.d/nagios to /etc/init.d/nagios3.

    Only after I chance both, the configuration from NConf can be seen in nagios.

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