How to change cpanel theme from rvskin to x3

ahh,,,,I changed my theme to test rvskin theme, but after that I was not able to change it back to x3

Searched on google and found this simple way.

Just run below url in address bar of browser when you are login in cpanel of your account.

Replace to your domain.

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  1. Thank you so much for such helpful information, I did it and it works

  2. Ishara Shehan says

    Thanks ,it helps me a lot ………..

  3. Thanks for the info mate. Rvskin was an utter waste! Thanks for helping me get out of it. 🙂

  4. thx kyou very mouch, i can sleep, after changet my theme panel

    thx thx thx :*

  5. Thank you. That was a nightmare. the RVSkin is so bad, and it would not give the option to get back to x3. I searched and found you. Great post.

  6. Thanks! This helped me many times.

  7. Great solution, worked just fine!

  8. You Sir, you are awesome!
    Thank you very very much

  9. Sandeep Barot says

    Thanks a ton

  10. Oh, Thank you very much, I resolved my problem. thank again

  11. Tim Chriss says

    Amazing tips. It really fixed my theme issue had with cPanel. Great work!!!

  12. Thanks. Great tip

  13. thanks a lot,
    it works. : )

  14. Thank you very much!!!!

  15. Thanks a lot!!!

  16. NgocHuyPAV says

    Thank you very much!

  17. Thank you so much for this post! Worked perfectly.

  18. wahab khan says

    Great tips its working. otherswise i was very confused how to change theme. Great post it helps me a lot

  19. Thank you so much. It work ! 😀

  20. Thankss alot…

  21. It is not working for me

    it is giving this error

    “HTTP error 401
    Invalid Security Token”

    can anyone please help in this regard

  22. I also did this worst mistake of changing to this theme. And this solution must be working in past, but unfortunately it is not working for me! 🙁

  23. Crap!, this works really great. Thank’s mate.

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