Forcing Full Duplex on CentOS/Redhat

Some times network connection in CentOS shows half duplex, there is a way to force it to full duplex.





To force 100mb full duplex and turn off autonegotiation on network interface ‘eth0’


The output of the ‘ethtool eth0’ should now look like this:



NOTE: This change will be lost on the next reboot.


To make the change permanent, you need to edit the config file for the network interface. These live in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts. Each interface will have a file called ‘ifcfg-ethX’, ie. for ‘eth0’ the file would be ‘ifcfg-eth0’. To make it so that when the machine is rebooted it comes up with the network interface at 100mb full-duplex, add the following line to this file:


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