Resetting WordPress blog password using CPanel

Have you lost your wordpress blog password? No worries, you can reset it using simple steps Open up Cpanel and click on PHPMyAdmin Go to the database of your blog Populate tables Go to the table wp_users and click on browse Click on the pencil (edit) icon next to the user you want to reset the password for Look for the column user_pass Remove the text and type in a new password of … [Read more...]

profile pic plugin – Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach()

While using profile pic plugin, I encountered with an error therefore thought to share it with reader. [crayon-63e32db14f3dd659317488/] [crayon-63e32db14f3e1418252213/] This only happens when when none of the profile check boxes are checked at the time of updating a profile. To fix the problem, in profile-pic.php, I changed lines 422 through 424 from … [Read more...]

Add your picture in your blog profile

profile pic is a nice plugin to give you ability to add your picture in your wordpress profile. Plugin can be downloaded from here. After activating this plugin, just to blog admin panel, click on users->profile and you will see the option to upload your picture. Choose the picture you want to upload and save your profile. … [Read more...]

Increasing traffic for your blog in 4 ways

Most of the bloggers cry that no matter how much they work hard, they cannot increase their reader and traffic for blog. If you have same situation then you should read following 4 simple ways 1) Mind blowing, killer articles Just Spend 45 min daily, research on topic, storm your brain and write a KILLER article. Your goal should be to write one Killer article in 10 days atleast, which … [Read more...]

Easy 125×125 Ad Management Plugins For WordPress

If you are selling ad space on your blog, then you will know how difficult it is to manage ads and then remove then after expiry. But there are 2 plugins to make work easy 1) UBD Block Ad 2)  WP125 You can check this video for more detail … [Read more...]

Best tips to improve your blog search engine optimization

There is a lot of amazing SEO power built into WordPress. Unfortunately it does not all come by default, and you might not know what is best when it comes to templates and options. Follow these simple rules for search engine optimization and your blog will rank much higher in Search Engines. 1. Optimize WordPress Permalinks The most search-engine friendly permalink MUST includes the post title … [Read more...]

10 best plugin for wordpress

WordPress is a simple to use blogging tool. The beauty of WordPress is that it can become so much more with the simple installation of plugins. With a few clicks, WordPress can become a full fledged Content Management System (CMS). Here is a rundown on the top 10 best plugins every blogger should have installed. Here is a great list that I whipped together of some of the most useful and most … [Read more...]

wp paging – wordpress page number/nevigation plugin

wp paging is a great plugin for wordpress to add page navigation in your blog. Wordpress has no built in paging function with numbers for themes. It’s good for users to know how many posts there are and even go to the last one. It’s good for SEO as well. Click here for more detail ... … [Read more...]

Choosing a title for your personal blog

Trying to choose title for your personal blog? It can be difficult, specially for people, who have never start a blog before.  Your always want your personal blog title to be very perfect and explain properly what the blog is about. Should be creative and put good impression on your blog readers. But question is how you can do that? Following article will explain you all about it. Step … [Read more...]