Soon you will see more ads in Start Menu of Microsoft Windows 10

  Microsoft is planning to double the amount of promoted apps in the Start menu with the upcoming Anniversary Update to Windows 10. Therefore soon you will see the more number of ads in Start menu of Microsoft Windows 10.  The software maker revealed at its WinHEC conference last week that the amount will increase from five currently up to 10 in the Anniversary Update that's due to roll … [Read more...]

Disabling “do you want to view only the webpage content that was delivered securely?” from IE8

I was working on an application and IE was bugging me again and again with this alert       It was quite irritating to click Yes or No after every page reload. So I found the solution which is 1. Go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Security 2. Select the "Security" tab -> Click the "Custom Level" button 3. In the "Miscellaneous" section change “Display … [Read more...]

How to enable telnet in Windows7

telnet is consider to be very unsecure, therefore it is recommended to use ssh rather then telnet. However we do some time need telnet. Telnet is by default disabled in Windows7, but you can enable it if you want. Click on start Go to control panel Click "program and features" Click on "Turn Windows features on or off" Check "telnet click" and click ok Now you can run … [Read more...]

The disk is offline because of policy set by Administrator

A few days back I attached a secondary disk to my server computer, but it was not showing its drives in My computer, but in Computer Management it was detecting but as "offline", then I moved cursor, it showed error Offline ( The disk is offline by the policy set by Administrator) After a little search, I found a very easy solution Just right click on drive, and set it online. … [Read more...]

How to add remote MSSQL server in Plesk

Adding remote MSSQL server is necessary for those server which host very large traffic websites, and therefore splitting services to multiple servers is necessary to make them fast. Adding remote MSSQL server in Plesk is very simple and just requires few clicks, assuming that you have a server ready with MSSQL Login to plesk click on servers click in database servers click on … [Read more...]

How to Change Windows authentication to Mixed mode in MSSQL

The easiest method is using SQL Server Management Studio Express. The supported method is to use SQL Server Management Studio Express. Download it from the web at 1. Then connect to your server. 2. In Object Explorer, right-click the server, and then click Properties. 3. On … [Read more...]

Direct download link for Internet Explorer 9

Microsoft has released the beta version of the Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) browser. You can download the setup for IE9 here. However, you get a web based installer from the official download link. This means that you must be connected to internet to install IE9. It may be a problem for you if you have a slow or unreliable internet connection, or if you want to install IE9 on a computer … [Read more...]

Debug.log automatically appear on desktop

I'm running Windows XP on desktop and Windows 7 on my laptop, and on both machines, I had problem, debug.log was automatically appearing on desktop. Every time I delete it, but it again appear. After a little search, I found that this is because of google talk plugin. Just go to control panel >> Add/remove programs>>google talk plugin Click on change and repair it. Then … [Read more...]