Disabling Dr web notifications

Edit /etc/drweb/drweb_qmail.conf to stop receiving DrWeb notification messages… [crayon-628a3c85f419d719843237/] Also, there are many other configuration options for the notifications, you may configure them as you wish. Then restart DrWeb Service to apply the changes. [crayon-628a3c85f41a1546411517/] NOTE: If this file “drweb_qmail.conf” not present under this directory “/etc/drweb/”, please … [Read more...]

Mount reiserfs partitions on CentOS

CentOS use ext3 file system, and it do not support reiserfs. Therefore if you try to mount a drive with reiserfs partition, it give error [crayon-628a3c8600425691251688/] It's possible to see what filesystems are supported by running this command: [crayon-628a3c8600428183770714/] On my fairly default install CentOS 4 machine, the output of the above command was … [Read more...]

How to secure SSH in your server ?

1) Set a very strong password, keep it in your mind but dont write in somewhere. 2) Disable direct root login [crayon-628a3c86007a6952780625/] Search for [crayon-628a3c86007a9232319834/] Set it as [crayon-628a3c86007aa790625853/] Restart ssh [crayon-628a3c86007ab246375697/] 3) Limit user login [crayon-628a3c86007ac100202576/] Restart ssh [crayon-628a3c86007ad804266791/] 4) Disable … [Read more...]

why sites suddenly stopped working in dedicated/virtual private servers

VeriSign has made some changes recently which are applied since March 1, 2010.  You can read detail by clicking here How do I fix it? You need to log in to your control panel and modify the affected domain name's zone file, using the table below as an example. To Modify or Add DNS Records in Plesk Log in to Plesk as an Admin. From the list of domains at the bottom of the page, click the … [Read more...]

ip_conntrack table is full and dropping packets

Last day one of our server had an attack, attack was not so big but still server was unresponsive because of this. After some research I found that this is because of iptables which are being load while handling so much traffic. Then I found a good article on the same issue which you can read by clicking below linking here. … [Read more...]

Installing & configuring shorewall firewall in Ubuntu/Debian

Shore line firewall known as "Shorewall", it is a very high level firewall and very easy to install and ocnfigure How to install :- [crayon-628a3c860092e251922951/] configuring shorewall startup service :- [crayon-628a3c8600931346574415/] #Now simply change the line below from 0 to 1 [crayon-628a3c8600932072117186/] #save, and exit. Shorewall configuration files are stored in two … [Read more...]

Browser security handbook by Google

Browser security handbook is released by Google, and google has described it as "a comprehensive, 60-page document meant to provide Web application developers and information security researchers with a one-stop reference to several hundred key security properties and sometimes counterintuitive quirks in contemporary Web browsers." Book is written by "Michal Zalewski", who is very a famous … [Read more...]

five important tips to secure your wordpress blog

One of the utmost concerns among those of us running web applications on the web that are always available should be security. Whether or not you have personal data in your blog is immaterial. A compromised site can be used as a jumping off point for many other types of malicious behavior. Very few hackers will overlook a free lunch no matter how insignificant you may feel like your blog … [Read more...]

How to add new RBLs to cpanel Exim

More then a year ago, cPanel added a future to the Exim Configuration Editor for everyone to easily select from two RBLs (spamhaus.org and spamcop.net) that can be used to filter most of the SPAM that a server receives. While this has been great for most of us (enabling a RBL is a simple as selecting a check box in WHM and pressing the Save button), there are a few admins that would have liked … [Read more...]