why sites suddenly stopped working in dedicated/virtual private servers

VeriSign has made some changes recently which are applied since March 1, 2010. ¬†You can read detail by clicking here How do I fix it? You need to log in to your control panel and modify the affected domain name's zone file, using the table below as an example. To Modify or Add DNS Records in Plesk Log in to Plesk as an Admin. From the list of domains at the bottom of the page, click the … [Read more...]


HyperVM is a multi-platform, multi-tiered, multi-server, multi-virtualization web based application that will allow you to create and manage different Virtual Machines each based on different technologies across machines and platforms. HyperVM sports advanced features allowing you to manage your entire vps hosting from a single console. HyperVm has been optimized for cross data-center clusters, … [Read more...]

Using OpenVZ

OS Templates - Linux Distribution Install Media The vzctl command is used to create and configure OpenVZ containers. Before you can create a container, you need install media for the Linux distribution you want to install. OpenVZ can NOT use CD / DVD install media (NOR .iso disk image files). OpenVZ requires what it calls an OS Template to create a container for a given Linux distribution. You … [Read more...]

Installing OpenVZ on CentOS 5.2

The OpenVZ Project website (www.openvz.org) has a lot of quality documentation including a Users Guide PDF, a Quick Installation Guide, and a vast wiki of howto and troubleshooting articles. This article will briefly cover the installation process. You will need to be the root user for all of the following tasks. Adding the OpenVZ yum repository Installing OpenVZ on a CentOS 4 or CentOS 5 host … [Read more...]


What is OpenVZ? OpenVZ is operating system-level virtualization based on a modified Linux kernel that allows a physical server to run multiple isolated instances known as containers, virtual private servers (VPS), or virtual environments (VE). The preferred term these days is container. Containers are sometimes compared to chroot or jail type environments but containers are really much better in … [Read more...]