Installing and enabling Xcache in Kloxo/LxAdmin – CentOS

Installing and enabling Xcache is very easy in kloxo, you need to run following command to install [crayon-63e31eb60b725132229567/] [crayon-63e31eb60b72b981547433/] Once installed, go to kloxo >> Web-Mail-Databases >> PHP config And check on "Enable Xcache" Restart apache after that [crayon-63e31eb60b72c465771314/] [crayon-63e31eb60b72d483501061/] … [Read more...]

APF: unable to load iptables module (ip_tables), aborting

If you are getting error on apf [crayon-63e31eb60bd61438675991/] It means, your kernel is compiled with iptables statically instead of as a module, and you will need to change this in the /etc/apf/conf.apf [crayon-63e31eb60bd65166254711/] So open /etc/apf/conf.apf file and modify it restart the apf service and you wont see that error. … [Read more...]

Securing Kloxo lxadmin with iptables firewall

Iptables is a default firewall available in all linux flavors, and widely used to secure servers. If you are running kloxo, and want to use iptables to secure your box, then here are the basic rules which you can add in your iptables. [crayon-63e31eb60bea5889370806/] You can simply download this from here, and then run [crayon-63e31eb60bea9575533863/] If you have read my article on protection … [Read more...]

Securing server from SYN flooding DOS attack

As the internet is becoming larger day by day, therefore security risks for your servers are also increasing. If your server is connected to internet and is hosting some good high traffic and popular websites, then there are high chances that you get SYN flooding. SYN flooding is a kind of DOS attack, a.k.a "Deniel of service" attack. SYN SYN packet are specific packes used to establish tcp … [Read more...]

Tweaking Kloxo/LxAdmin by replacing bind with tinydns

In my last 2 articles, I explained how you can tweak Kloxo/lxadmin by replacing apache with lighttpd, and disable innodb and bdb, and decrease RAM usage in your server. How to install Lighttpd in Kloxo (LXadmin) Tweaking mysql in Kloxo/LxAdmin By acting on above to suggestions, you can decrease your ram usage from 300MB to 164MB, however in today's article, I'm going to explain you the way … [Read more...]

Tweaking mysql in Kloxo/LxAdmin

Tweaking a web server is very necessary, the less it will consume resource, the more stable it will be and the more website it will be able to handle. Kloxo/lxadmin is a free control panel, and has been working quite great but the problem with it is, it use alot of RAM though kloxo documentation claims that it only eat 33MB ram which is completely wrong in my experience. There are few ways to … [Read more...]

How to install Lighttpd in Kloxo (LXadmin)

Kloxo (Lxadmin) is one of the free control panel which I love to use on low end boxes. But it use good amount of ram, however kloxo's support claims that kloxo use only 33MB of ram, but for me it is alway 240MB+ even in idle state. Therefore it is best practice to get rid of Apache and use lighttp. Kloxo comes with light http installed by default and if you have apache installed then it is … [Read more...]

Changing ssh port from Kloxo

Unlike  other commercial webhosting control panels (cpanel or plesk), Kloxo provide a way to change ssh port from default to some other through it interface. This is helpful for the people who are not very familiar with linux command prompt and afraid of making such changes to prevent them ending with system damage. Login to Kloxo with admin password Click on Servers Click on Server for … [Read more...]