How to enable Passive ftp in Pure FTPD

For users that are behind a firewall it might be required that you enable passive ftp in your ftp server and client. While enabling passive ftp in your ftp client is simple, doing so in your ftp server configuration files might be a bit tricky if you don’t know what you are doing. This tutorial will cover Pure-FTPd, the ftp server used on most cPanel powered servers. Here are the steps … [Read more...]

Exim configuration and messages in mail queue – cPanel server

If  you have cpanel then you can check email queue in cpanel by login to cpanel and then "Email" and then "Manage Mail Queue. In command line, you can run following command to check queue # exim -bpc If you need the summary of messages in queue then you can run # exim -bp | exiqsumm If you want to print message ID in queue then # exiqgrep -i If you want to clean mail queue then # exim … [Read more...]

How to transfer a Linux image from VirtualBox to Xen

There have been times recently when I wanted to pull a VirtualBox Linux instance I had into Xen. I kept thinking it had to be fairly easy but I kept putting off trying it until recently when I ran into something I wanted to install from a CD image into an Amazon EC2 AMI. It turns out the main hurdle in transferring an image is lack of documentation. I'm using VirtualBox 2.1.0 so some of the … [Read more...]

Installing Windows 7 on VirtualBox

I have been seeing people talk about the Windows 7 Beta being available to download so I went to see how hard it was to sign up. It turns out that it actually pretty easy so I decided I would give it a try under VirtualBox just to see if it would work. The following is a list of steps I took.   To start with I'm using Fedora 10 as the host OS. I've had good luck with previous versions of Windows … [Read more...]