cpanel service certificate expired

Cpanel sent emails when its self generated certificate for services expired, and it requires to renew these certificates. [crayon-614cb402996a6361592138/] Just login to cpanel, Main >> Service Configuration >> Manage Service SSL Certificates Click on "Reset Certificate" for every service for next one year. … [Read more...]

The disk is offline because of policy set by Administrator

A few days back I attached a secondary disk to my server computer, but it was not showing its drives in My computer, but in Computer Management it was detecting but as "offline", then I moved cursor, it showed error Offline ( The disk is offline by the policy set by Administrator) After a little search, I found a very easy solution Just right click on drive, and set it online. … [Read more...]

chkconfig – starting a service on boot in linux

A simple command which help you to set a service in linux to start right after boot. This is extremely necessary for servers which host websites, in case they reboot then all hosting services including apache,pop3,smtp,ftp,dns etc etc, start automatically after boot. [crayon-614cb402999b4644395833/] [crayon-614cb402999b7811610475/] Lets set our ftp service to start on … [Read more...]

nmap – Network Mapper – Linux prospectus

Nmap is a utility in linux to for port scanning on network, and for single host computer. It can be used to see open ports for any server system. Its installation in different linux flavors is very easy For Red hat based flavors like CentOS, Fedora:- [crayon-614cb40299b3d383869705/] For Debian based version, Debian, ubuntu:- [crayon-614cb40299b40227852425/] … [Read more...]

How to add remote MSSQL server in Plesk

Adding remote MSSQL server is necessary for those server which host very large traffic websites, and therefore splitting services to multiple servers is necessary to make them fast. Adding remote MSSQL server in Plesk is very simple and just requires few clicks, assuming that you have a server ready with MSSQL Login to plesk click on servers click in database servers click on … [Read more...]

How to Change Windows authentication to Mixed mode in MSSQL

The easiest method is using SQL Server Management Studio Express. The supported method is to use SQL Server Management Studio Express. Download it from the web at 1. Then connect to your server. 2. In Object Explorer, right-click the server, and then click Properties. 3. On … [Read more...]

IE9 download rush ‘overwhelming’ says Microsoft

According to a Microsoft blog there has been a massive rush to download the latest version of the Internet Explorer browser, IE9. A week after the browser beta was released Microsoft’s Roger Capriotti took to the blogosphere to enthuse about the sheer volume of users already enjoying its update and to highlight its many new features. He also appeared to be pointing developers and designers … [Read more...]

Disabling Dr web notifications

Edit /etc/drweb/drweb_qmail.conf to stop receiving DrWeb notification messages… [crayon-614cb40299c4a687743323/] Also, there are many other configuration options for the notifications, you may configure them as you wish. Then restart DrWeb Service to apply the changes. [crayon-614cb40299c4d020240242/] NOTE: If this file “drweb_qmail.conf” not present under this directory “/etc/drweb/”, please … [Read more...]

Mount reiserfs partitions on CentOS

CentOS use ext3 file system, and it do not support reiserfs. Therefore if you try to mount a drive with reiserfs partition, it give error [crayon-614cb40299f9f419992009/] It's possible to see what filesystems are supported by running this command: [crayon-614cb40299fa2569430446/] On my fairly default install CentOS 4 machine, the output of the above command was … [Read more...]