Increasing traffic for your blog in 4 ways

Most of the bloggers cry that no matter how much they work hard, they cannot increase their reader and traffic for blog. If you have same situation then you should read following 4 simple ways 1) Mind blowing, killer articles Just Spend 45 min daily, research on topic, storm your brain and write a KILLER article. Your goal should be to write one Killer article in 10 days atleast, which … [Read more...]

Making static urls using mod rewrite

Apache’s mod_rewrite can be easily used via a file called “.htaccess” to turn dynamic urls into friendly urls. Here is an example of how it’s done: [crayon-63e3233c0ec1d097424460/] This will rewrite all paths ending in “.html” to your index file. From there, it’s simply a case of tailoring the rewrite to your requirements. … [Read more...]

Dynamic URLs and static URLs

Google recently released article on dynamic vs static urls which suggests that search engine do not like dynamic urls as much as they like static urls. I suggest you guys to have a read on it by clicking here … [Read more...]

Avoid Common SEO Mistakes, 5 important tips

These 5 simple SEO solutions for common SEO mistakes can save you time to market and countless hours of frustration trying to reverse engineer competitors, simple keywords or rankings. 1- Don’t target keywords target markets – Keywords come and go and search behavior and user intent is whimsical this is why you should target markets instead of keywords. Since no two people think or search … [Read more...]

Best tips to improve your blog search engine optimization

There is a lot of amazing SEO power built into WordPress. Unfortunately it does not all come by default, and you might not know what is best when it comes to templates and options. Follow these simple rules for search engine optimization and your blog will rank much higher in Search Engines. 1. Optimize WordPress Permalinks The most search-engine friendly permalink MUST includes the post title … [Read more...]

Modify title of your Mybb forum

Some times you want to modify the title of your mybb forum to add key words in it. Or change it in some other way for search engine optimization. Do not play with forum title itself because it will make it too long and will not look better. All you need to do is, add your words in template file. Login to mybb admin area, and go to Admin CP -> Templates & Styles -> Templates … [Read more...]

Choosing a title for your personal blog

Trying to choose title for your personal blog? It can be difficult, specially for people, who have never start a blog before.  Your always want your personal blog title to be very perfect and explain properly what the blog is about. Should be creative and put good impression on your blog readers. But question is how you can do that? Following article will explain you all about it. Step … [Read more...]

Search engine optimization by improving permalinks

Permalinks are the permanent web addresses for your individual blog posts. One of the great features of WordPress is its extremely easy and flexible to make your permalinks into pretty much anything you want. When considering how to setup permalinks, you want to put some thought into how you want the web addresses on your website to look to both your users and your search engine spidery … [Read more...]

How to submit website in search engines

As soon as the world stepped into the 21st century, the computer, technology, and Internet communcation started growing on a massive scale. There are people out here who know how to make a website and publish it online. But still there are millions who have no idea that how their website will get listed in well-known search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN aka, Altavista, Ask, Dogpile, and … [Read more...]