Review PhotonVPS – 512MB RAM Cloud VPS

Review PhotonVPS - 512MB RAM Cloud VPS PhotonVPS is one of the lowend Cloud VPS provider, which offer SSD based storage and KVM Virtualization. There are several mix reviews on the WHT about them, some customers are satisfied and some are angry. However here I’m going to write what I found about them within 48 hours of ordering a VM from them. Starting with PhotonVPS I found their PhotonVPS … [Read more...]

Dynamic URLs and static URLs

Google recently released article on dynamic vs static urls which suggests that search engine do not like dynamic urls as much as they like static urls. I suggest you guys to have a read on it by clicking here … [Read more...]

Orbit downloader, Download Manager for Chrome

Google Chrome is a very new browser by Google. After releasing this browser, google entered in to the competition for Internet Browsers. It is quite fast browser. But one thing is missing in it which is Download Manager. But the solution for it is "Orbit Downloader" It is pretty easy to use, just download it from link above and install it. Now to associate orbit with chrome, go to … [Read more...]

My review on Safari for windows

If you want to have apple interface in your browse then use Safari. If you want to test your website for apple users then use safari for windows. During the early phase of safari, when apply released only beta version of safari for windows, my computer related people compared it with top level windows browsers like mozilla firefox and opera but found it far behind them in my features. Most of … [Read more...]