Nginx Autoinstaller -LNMP – install Nginx, MySQL and PHP on Linux easily

I have been planning to move my websites from apache web server to nginx since nginx is much faster then apache. I found Nginx Autoinstaller which is a script available to make a nginx based server within few minutes. Nginx Autoinstaller Nginx Autoinstaller includes:- Nginx MySQL PHP PHPMyAdmin Zend Optimizer eAccelerator Apache (optional) ionCube (optional) PureFTPd … [Read more...]

Easy way to optimize apache,php & MySQL

There are 2 important scripts to optimize apache,php and mysql very easily. They are MySQLTuner (Perl) and MySQL Performance Tuning Primer (shell) They can help diagnose MySQL database performance issues, and provide recommendations on how to solve them. [crayon-6513c90c8e5bf031908933/] … [Read more...]

How to move MySQL to second drive

If you ran out of space in your primary drive and wish to move MySQL to another drive then here is a simple procedure. Moving MySQL to another drive is very easy then it look. 1) Find out mount point of secondary drive.  If drive is not mounted yet then you can get help from article "How to mount drive in CentOS" You can run below command to find mount point of secondary … [Read more...]

PHP script to test MySQL database Connection

Here is php script to test database Connection, it will need little edition as per your database name and password Here you go Just copy and paste below code :- [crayon-6513c90c8e7fd996507967/] … [Read more...]