How to copy iptables rules from one server to another

If you want to copy iptables rules from one linux server to another linux server its really simple 1) Save iptables rules from source server by running [crayon-650c135944621770875299/] 2) Copy that file to target server and run [crayon-650c135944624732973456/]   … [Read more...]

Iptables firewall on Debian

Iptables provide filtering, NAT and other packet mangling. Viewing current configuration [crayon-650c1359449e0044912597/] Output will be like [crayon-650c1359449e2934725382/] Storing iptables rules in a file [crayon-650c1359449e3330276167/] [crayon-650c1359449e4190624436/] Activate these new rules: [crayon-650c1359449e5653460842/] See the … [Read more...]

Uninstalling apf firewall

All you need is to run following commands [crayon-650c135944b4b625344576/] [crayon-650c135944b4d180999090/] [crayon-650c135944b4e916160569/] [crayon-650c135944b4f144868299/] [crayon-650c135944b50364145305/] [crayon-650c135944b51745218807/] … [Read more...]

APF: unable to load iptables module (ip_tables), aborting

If you are getting error on apf [crayon-650c135944c05046750399/] It means, your kernel is compiled with iptables statically instead of as a module, and you will need to change this in the /etc/apf/conf.apf [crayon-650c135944c07771144960/] So open /etc/apf/conf.apf file and modify it restart the apf service and you wont see that error. … [Read more...]

Install APF firewall in Linux

firewall is always very important for the security of your system, specially if you are running a web server running very popular websites then firewall is the life of your server. Previously I explained how to install CSF firewall, and here is the tutorial for APF which is another great firewall available. [crayon-650c135944c9e125797091/] … [Read more...]

Ports to configure in firewall for Plesk

Previously I explained the list of ports to configure in firewall if you are running direct admin in your web servers. Ports to configure in firewall for Directadmin Here is the list of ports which are required to configure if you are running plesk control panel. [crayon-650c135944d2d581877868/] In case you face problem, feel free to put it in comments. … [Read more...]

CSF on DirectAdmin

There was a time when I was about to select a firewall for a server which had DirectAdmin installed and I choosed CSF. CSF is one of the best firewall available for hosting servers. Installation of CSF in directAdmin is really easy, just download csf. Extract it and Install it Just a 3 step installation. Login to server via ssh, Download csf using wget Run … [Read more...]

perl error in CSF installation

[crayon-650c135944dbb829724069/] The error is because of perl module installation, which is the basic requirement of csf and the solution is [crayon-650c135944dbd527765386/] … [Read more...]

ip_conntrack table is full and dropping packets

Last day one of our server had an attack, attack was not so big but still server was unresponsive because of this. After some research I found that this is because of iptables which are being load while handling so much traffic. Then I found a good article on the same issue which you can read by clicking below linking here. … [Read more...]