1.5 Million facebook accounts are for SALE

The hot story of today, 1.5 Million facebook accounts are stolen and now available for SALE...oops..just change your facebook password if you are one the these victims. A russian hacker is believed to hack 1.5 million facebook accounts, and if this is true then one out of every 300 facebook user have been┬ávictimized. He is selling these accounts on underground hacking forums and on very cheap … [Read more...]

Do’s and Don’ts of Social Networking

Thousands of people developing facebook applications..do not use these applications just for your fun..it can be a Trojan or virus hidden in application and can cause alot of trouble for you.. like your friends receive several links from you which you never send them..they a...re because you use facebook applications and allow them to get your private data from your profile and those trojan and … [Read more...]