Installing IIS7 recommended settings for websitepanel aka dotnetpanel

If you have already read "How to install websitepanel/dotnetpanel", then this is the next step to do after installation. Microsoft web platform installer also provide the option for recommended settings for IIS7 to run with websitepanel aka dotnetpanel. After installing websitepanel, installer provide the option to add multiple applications, you can select IIS7 recommended settings and … [Read more...]

How to install websitepanel/dotnetpanel on Windows 2008?

Installation of Websitepanel aka Dotnetpanel is very easy with Microsoft Web platform installer. Go to Click on "Microsoft Web platform installer" on left side icon On next page, click on "Install" Follow the wizerd and click on "Install" Accept Installer Agreement If you do not have MSSQL already installed then Wizerd will automatically install … [Read more...]

FTP user creation error in websitepanel/dotnetpanel

While creating ftp user in websitepanel/dotnetpanel if you get error that account is created but you are not able to connect and getting error [crayon-63e30ee7ec9a3404026256/] Solution: find FileZila Server config file located (in my example C:\Program Files (x86)\FileZilla Server\FileZilaServer.xml). Open it. It contains data like … [Read more...]

Dotnetpanel/websitepanel not creating emails in smarterMail

While working on websitepanel/dotnetpanel, having SmarterMail 7.x was mail server, I had the problem that dotnetpanel/websitepanel was not creating email addresses. I checked audit logs and the error was [crayon-63e30ee7ecdfe991001086/] And the solution was, I was using SmarterMail Web Services URL with only ip address, however it was suppose to be /services at the end.   And this … [Read more...]