Ports to configure in firewall for Directadmin

20,21: FTP. Note that ftp will use a "random high port number" if the client is in PORT mode, so you may need to add a port range into your /etc/proftpd.conf file to allow ftp connections, eg: [crayon-63e3210967522319424363/] and then open that port range as well in your firewall. 22: ssh access 25, 587: smtp for exim to recieve email 53: dns (named), so your sites resolve. TCP and UDP … [Read more...]

CSF on DirectAdmin

There was a time when I was about to select a firewall for a server which had DirectAdmin installed and I choosed CSF. CSF is one of the best firewall available for hosting servers. Installation of CSF in directAdmin is really easy, just download csf. Extract it and Install it Just a 3 step installation. Login to server via ssh, Download csf using wget Run … [Read more...]

perl error in CSF installation

[crayon-63e3210967810146942909/] The error is because of perl module installation, which is the basic requirement of csf and the solution is [crayon-63e3210967813937871300/] … [Read more...]

How to increase Qmail sending limit

First verify that these setting have not already been customized, as running the commands will overwrite any changes they have made. The following command will show you whether those files exist: [crayon-63e3210967927139755801/] Run following command to update limits [crayon-63e3210967929490908808/] The default timeouts are set to 20 minutes, or 1200 seconds. So if the mail server on the … [Read more...]

How to open and close port in iptables ?

Few of very simple steps 1) Login using root 2) Enter following command to open port in iptables [crayon-63e3210967b98003352352/] 3) Enter following command to close port in iptables [crayon-63e3210967b9a711452411/] 4) Save iptables [crayon-63e3210967b9b299433681/] 5) Restart iptables [crayon-63e3210967b9c913448779/] … [Read more...]

why sites suddenly stopped working in dedicated/virtual private servers

VeriSign has made some changes recently which are applied since March 1, 2010. ¬†You can read detail by clicking here How do I fix it? You need to log in to your control panel and modify the affected domain name's zone file, using the table below as an example. To Modify or Add DNS Records in Plesk Log in to Plesk as an Admin. From the list of domains at the bottom of the page, click the … [Read more...]

Using both php4 and php5 at the same time in Directadmin

If you wish to use both php4 and php5 at the same time, custombuild will allow you to do this. Note that you must have the 2 copies of php running as different types, one as CLI and one as CGI (suPhp). You cannot have both running as CLI, and similarly you cannot have both running as CGI. First, make sure you're running custombuild. This is the guide to install it if you don't have … [Read more...]