Nginx Autoinstaller -LNMP – install Nginx, MySQL and PHP on Linux easily

I have been planning to move my websites from apache web server to nginx since nginx is much faster then apache. I found Nginx Autoinstaller which is a script available to make a nginx based server within few minutes. Nginx Autoinstaller Nginx Autoinstaller includes:- Nginx MySQL PHP PHPMyAdmin Zend Optimizer eAccelerator Apache (optional) ionCube (optional) PureFTPd … [Read more...]

W: GPG error apt-get update NO_PUBKEY AED4B06F473041FA

Error message: lenny/updates Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY AED4B06F473041FA Reason: as it turns out this is because GPG key expired This key rollover is a normal maintenance task and was started in August 2010. For security reasons Debian’s archive signing keys regularly expire after … [Read more...]

Install nconf web interface for nagios on debian/ubuntu

Last post was about how to install nagios on debian or Ubuntu. Nagios is a famous monitoring script but problem is it is command based, however several third party web interfaces are available, one of which is nconf. Download nconf [crayon-5e520f85d9124025055805/] Change the web owner for nconf [crayon-5e520f85d9127011553579/] Create a database/username/password to use for nconf, you can … [Read more...]

How to install nagios on Debian ?

Nagios is a famous and opensource monitoring script, being widely used by most of the host to monitor their networks and servers. Installation of nagios on debian is very easy, just a command [crayon-5e520f85d960b762039695/] [crayon-5e520f85d960e038661662/] You will be asked for nagiosadmin password during this process, you should provide it and keep remember. Restart apache after … [Read more...]

Iptables firewall on Debian

Iptables provide filtering, NAT and other packet mangling. Viewing current configuration [crayon-5e520f85d9914189397696/] Output will be like [crayon-5e520f85d9916939562102/] Storing iptables rules in a file [crayon-5e520f85d9917383425341/] [crayon-5e520f85d9918277171642/] Activate these new rules: [crayon-5e520f85d9919425306191/] See the … [Read more...]

Installing and configuring PPTP VPN on XEN VPS (debian/CentOS)

This tutorials will help you to install PPTP vpn on Xen vps. PPTP installation: Debian [crayon-5e520f85d9d29936308625/] CentOS [crayon-5e520f85d9d2c130950813/] Configuration: Open /etc/pptpd.conf and add following 2 lines [crayon-5e520f85d9d2e206460295/] [crayon-5e520f85d9d2f646924926/] Replace with public ip of your vps Now open /etc/ppp/options.pptpd and add … [Read more...]

nmap – Network Mapper – Linux prospectus

Nmap is a utility in linux to for port scanning on network, and for single host computer. It can be used to see open ports for any server system. Its installation in different linux flavors is very easy For Red hat based flavors like CentOS, Fedora:- [crayon-5e520f85d9f22284615659/] For Debian based version, Debian, ubuntu:- [crayon-5e520f85d9f24381049147/] … [Read more...]

How to increase Qmail sending limit

First verify that these setting have not already been customized, as running the commands will overwrite any changes they have made. The following command will show you whether those files exist: [crayon-5e520f85da0a2174776991/] Run following command to update limits [crayon-5e520f85da0a5184429581/] The default timeouts are set to 20 minutes, or 1200 seconds. So if the mail server on the … [Read more...]

Managing services with update-rc.d

When installing a new service under debian, the default is to enable it. So for instance, if you just installed apache2 package, after you installed it, apache service will be started and so will it be upon the next reboots. If you do not use apache all the time, you might want to disable this service from starting up upon boot up and simply start it manually when you actually need it by running … [Read more...]