Installing mod_pagespeed on Cpanel Server

Download rpm from google developer website. [crayon-63e319cd12528403752025/] Next command need to be with some care [crayon-63e319cd1252c859372996/] First write [crayon-63e319cd1252e775797402/] Then press tab, it will automatically write your apache version installed, like [crayon-63e319cd1252f105798480/] Then write remaining to complete command [crayon-63e319cd12530688592895/] Create a … [Read more...]

WHMCS ERROR: There was a problem connecting to the domain registry

If you get error in whmcs when searching domain [crayon-63e319cd128ed191806451/]   Then it means your server is not able to connect to whois server through port 43. Make sure port 43 is allowed in your firewall.   [crayon-63e319cd128ef623254889/]     Read more at whmcs website … [Read more...]

Banchmarking: Apache+Nginx (LNMP) VS ApacheBooster, Apache+Nginx+Varnish

Ok, here I'm going to show benchmark result of 2 servers, once installed with Nginx reverse proxy on Apache, and other with ApacheBooster plugin in cpanel. Installing Nginx proxy on Apache Installing ApacheBooster, Apache, Nginx and Varnish cache More readings:- How to install Nginx,MySQL,PHP using LNMP-Nginx Autoinstaller How to upgrade Nginx to latest version How to upgrade php … [Read more...]

ApacheBooster – Cpanel plugins for Apache,Varnish and Nginx

I have been always found of working with cache to low down load on servers hosting very high traffic websites. Varnish is one of the best web application accelerator which speed up the deliver from 300 - 1000 times comparing to apache. There is a Varnish cpanel cache plugin available by Unixy. I will  write review on it as well in few days. Uptil now, I have been using Varnish or Nginx with … [Read more...]

[ionCube Loader] The Loader must appear as the first entry in the php.ini file in Unknown on line 0

Recently I had problem with apache after upgrade, and after checking log files, I found that error was [crayon-63e319cd12cca397165174/]   This is because ionCube must be loaded before any of the Zend extensions are. So if you have the Zend extension/optimizer loaded, your php.ini should look like this to get ionCube to work:   [crayon-63e319cd12ccd683301957/] … [Read more...]


[crayon-63e319cd12dea306904640/] In order to resolve this error you need to use the following command Solution : [crayon-63e319cd12dec519924952/] … [Read more...]

Rebuilding Roundcube on cPanel

Rebuilding Roundcube in Cpanel is just with one command [crayon-63e319cd12ef5431077537/] … [Read more...]

Adding Mail header to emails send by php to track spammer in Cpanel/WHM

Spamming is a known problem for every host, and adding information in header for the emails sent by php is a great way to track down spamming script. Cpanel has this option to select in easyapache. You can go to WHM>>Easy apache, Exhaustive Options list >> MailHeaders Select it and recompile apache and php, and after that every emails generated from a php script will have … [Read more...]

Disabling PHPMail() function from WHM/Cpanel

Php mail () function is used to send emails through php scripts and most of the times is used by spammers to spam from servers. Here is the way to disable it in WHM/Cpanel. Login to WHM Go to tweak settings Find “Prevent the user "nobody" from sending out mail to remote addresses (PHP and CGI scripts generally run as nobody if you are not using PHPSuexec and Suexec respectively.)” Turn … [Read more...]