How to copy iptables rules from one server to another

If you want to copy iptables rules from one linux server to another linux server its really simple 1) Save iptables rules from source server by running [crayon-63e311ee42e40576275515/] 2) Copy that file to target server and run [crayon-63e311ee42e44544908965/]   … [Read more...]

The Glibc GHOST Vulnerability – How to Patch your Linux Server/VPS?

A very serious security problem is just found in GNU C library, Glibc, announced yesterday, Jan 27, 2015. This is a critical vulnerability that almost every linux Machine is going to effect by it. Accoding to qualys What is glibc? The GNU C Library or glibc is an implementation of the standard C library and a core part of the Linux operating system. Without this library a Linux system will … [Read more...]

Forcing Full Duplex on CentOS/Redhat

Some times network connection in CentOS shows half duplex, there is a way to force it to full duplex. [crayon-63e311ee433b9816372134/]         To force 100mb full duplex and turn off autonegotiation on network interface 'eth0' [crayon-63e311ee433bc853723748/]   The output of the 'ethtool eth0' should now look like … [Read more...]

Installing mod_pagespeed on Cpanel Server

Download rpm from google developer website. [crayon-63e311ee43561672001189/] Next command need to be with some care [crayon-63e311ee43564639529521/] First write [crayon-63e311ee43565673932980/] Then press tab, it will automatically write your apache version installed, like [crayon-63e311ee43566353275887/] Then write remaining to complete command [crayon-63e311ee43567918115555/] Create a … [Read more...]

WHMCS ERROR: There was a problem connecting to the domain registry

If you get error in whmcs when searching domain [crayon-63e311ee43779438591707/]   Then it means your server is not able to connect to whois server through port 43. Make sure port 43 is allowed in your firewall.   [crayon-63e311ee4377c386761064/]     Read more at whmcs website … [Read more...]

Speed test in VPS with out VNC using uses flash to do speed test that is why it required VNC, however it is not more required. If you have a vps with command line access, then all you need is to install python 2.x/3   If you have Python 2.x then run [crayon-63e311ee438b9286233171/] If you have Python 3.x then run [crayon-63e311ee438bc211956466/] Download [crayon-63e311ee438bd646538790/] After that … [Read more...]

SolusVM: Installing OpenVZ OS template in SolusVM through command line

OpenVZ save templates in /vz/template/cache [crayon-63e311ee43a5c306206141/] Therefore you can manually downloading OS templates in this location using wget command then then sync them from SolusVM to added OS templates in SolusVM.   Now, Sync template in SolusVM   And added them.     … [Read more...]

SolusVM: Installing OpenVZ OS template in SolusVM.

SolusVM comes with one OpenVZ template by default which is of CentOS 5 32bit. You can download OS templates for OpenVZ from OpenVZ website and install them. Upload template in SolusVM Once uploaded, sync template   and now you can add template in SolusVM. … [Read more...]

SolusVM: How to add IP addresses Block in SolusVM?

Adding block of IP addresses in SolusVM is very easy. Click on IP BLOCKS >> Add IPv4 Block Enter the following information Block name Netmask Nameservers Select the Node for which you want to add ip block. and click on “Add block” button and you will get success message After that click on “here” in the success message and you will get screen to add a single ip … [Read more...]