Bash/Shell script to ping range of IPs

I mostly need to ping range of ips and some times more then 100 ips, and pinging them one by one is a time consuming task. Here is the script to do them quickly. [crayon-607829a843644181865700/] You can replace 192.168.1 with your ip range, and 241 and 248 with start and end of ip range … [Read more...]

Installing mod_pagespeed on Cpanel Server

Download rpm from google developer website. [crayon-607829a84397c745959479/] Next command need to be with some care [crayon-607829a843980064622825/] First write [crayon-607829a843981117272885/] Then press tab, it will automatically write your apache version installed, like [crayon-607829a843982022980889/] Then write remaining to complete command [crayon-607829a843983265877382/] Create a … [Read more...]

Speed test in VPS with out VNC using uses flash to do speed test that is why it required VNC, however it is not more required. If you have a vps with command line access, then all you need is to install python 2.x/3   If you have Python 2.x then run [crayon-607829a843bfb581114817/] If you have Python 3.x then run [crayon-607829a843bfe875150967/] Download [crayon-607829a843bff620776425/] After that … [Read more...]

Installing Apache with Nginx autoinstaller to use Nginx as reverse proxy

Although Nginx is a light webserver as compare to Apache, however some time we need apache to use as webserver because Nginx lack some features them apache, a big example is Mod_rewrite. Therefore we use apache, however to speed using websites we use Nginx as Reverse proxy. Nginx Autoinstaller-LNMP provides this option as well, that we can install apache and use Nginx as reverse proxy. Must … [Read more...]

MD5 change detection script wrote a script to detect MD5 change in the files in your hosting account. Actually was hacked few months before and therefore they wrote this script and I believe this script is very helpful for webadmins. You can download this script in text file by clicking here.   [crayon-607829a843f2c333459971/] … [Read more...]

Shell script to monitor current disk space and getting alert on thresh hold level

Yesterday I wrote a post when I found a script to monitor disk space in a server and getting alert on thresh hold level. However that script just send a notification when disk space is on thresh hold, but I wanted to get disk usage on daily basis therefore I made some modifications in script. [crayon-607829a8440b6235912319/] … [Read more...]

Monitoring your disk space with shell script

If you are running a busy server with several customers, uploading alot of file then there is a chance that you get out of space without knowing. I was about to write a script for my server but then found it on a famous website. [crayon-607829a8441f2836022905/] [crayon-607829a8441f5749655810/] Paste above script and save file. [crayon-607829a8441f6573723473/] Now script will run daily and … [Read more...]