SolusVM: How to install OpenVZ master server?

I’m going to start writing tutorials for SolusVM with my experiences, problems which I faced and their solutions. This post is the first post in this series. SolusVM is GUI based VPS management system with full OpenVZ, Linux KVM, Xen Paravirtualization and Xen HVM support. SolusVM allowed master to run on OpenVZ virtualized server, you cannot install it on XEN or KVM. Master can run on a … [Read more...]

Common errors in installing ffmpeg-php exnteion

Must read: How to install ffmpeg in CentOS or Red Hat How to install ffmpeg-php extension There are few common issues which comes while installing ffmpeg-php extension. Error: [crayon-63e3112a0d648157165580/] Solution: Copy the file ffmpeg_frame.loT to ffmpeg_frame.lo [crayon-63e3112a0d64c410799085/] Error: [crayon-63e3112a0d64d688052562/] Solution: Goto … [Read more...]

Installing FFMPEG-PHP Extension after ffmpeg in CentOS 6.x / Red Hat 6.x

Must read: How to install ffmpeg in CentOS or Red Hat Once you have installed ffmpeg, now you need to install php extension of ffmpeg to work ffmpeg via php.   [crayon-63e3112a0d7cd290197499/] Locate php.ini [crayon-63e3112a0d7d0592519578/] Edit php.ini and add [crayon-63e3112a0d7d2443730242/] Add following at the end of … [Read more...]

How to install ffmpeg in CentOS6.x/Red Hat 6.x ?

create a dag.repo file (if not exists), as below [crayon-63e3112a0d981826924888/] Insert the following: [crayon-63e3112a0d991167422069/] Save dag.repo and come out out vi editor Add the /usr/local/lib to /etc/ [crayon-63e3112a0d993859970072/] Save and exit vi editor. Then run below command: [crayon-63e3112a0d994925327245/] Please select the correct command … [Read more...]

Banchmarking: Apache+Nginx (LNMP) VS ApacheBooster, Apache+Nginx+Varnish

Ok, here I'm going to show benchmark result of 2 servers, once installed with Nginx reverse proxy on Apache, and other with ApacheBooster plugin in cpanel. Installing Nginx proxy on Apache Installing ApacheBooster, Apache, Nginx and Varnish cache More readings:- How to install Nginx,MySQL,PHP using LNMP-Nginx Autoinstaller How to upgrade Nginx to latest version How to upgrade php … [Read more...]

ApacheBooster – Cpanel plugins for Apache,Varnish and Nginx

I have been always found of working with cache to low down load on servers hosting very high traffic websites. Varnish is one of the best web application accelerator which speed up the deliver from 300 - 1000 times comparing to apache. There is a Varnish cpanel cache plugin available by Unixy. I will  write review on it as well in few days. Uptil now, I have been using Varnish or Nginx with … [Read more...]

Installing Apache with Nginx autoinstaller to use Nginx as reverse proxy

Although Nginx is a light webserver as compare to Apache, however some time we need apache to use as webserver because Nginx lack some features them apache, a big example is Mod_rewrite. Therefore we use apache, however to speed using websites we use Nginx as Reverse proxy. Nginx Autoinstaller-LNMP provides this option as well, that we can install apache and use Nginx as reverse proxy. Must … [Read more...]

How to install pureFTP with Nginx Autoinstaller – LNMP Server

Nginx Autoinstaller provide script to install pureFTP with MySQL support and a GUI, where you can create ftp accounts easily. How to install Nginx,MySQL,PHP using LNMP-Nginx Autoinstaller How to upgrade Nginx to latest version How to upgrade php to latest version PhpMyAdmin with Nginx Autoinstaller [crayon-63e3112a0e0df286517573/] [crayon-63e3112a0e0e3352994172/] FTP GUI is in … [Read more...]

How to create database and username using PhpMyAdmin ?

PhpMyAdmin is a GUI for people who are not aware of command line interface to manage MySQL. Here I'm going to explain how to create Database and its Username using PhpMyAdmin. Procedure: Go to PhpMyAdmin Click on Privileges Then click on "Add a new User" Enter Username and Password you want Select "Local" in Host Scroll down, under "Database for … [Read more...]