ApacheBooster – Cpanel plugins for Apache,Varnish and Nginx

I have been always found of working with cache to low down load on servers hosting very high traffic websites. Varnish is one of the best web application accelerator which speed up the deliver from 300 – 1000 times comparing to apache. There is a Varnish cpanel cache plugin available by Unixy. I will  write review on it as well in few days.

Uptil now, I have been using Varnish or Nginx with cpanel as reverse proxy with manual setup, however a few days before I found a thread on WHT about ApacheBooster, which include Varnish and Nginx both to Boost up apache performance.

Currently ApacheBooster v 1.3 is available which I’m going to use in this post. There are few replies in WHT thread claiming that the plugin is awsom, which leads me to decide to write a post on it.



  • cPanel WHM
  • CentOS / RHEL 5.5, 5.6, 6.0
  • Perl (Installed by default on CentOS / Redhat cPanel WHM)
  • 200Mhz CPU w/ 20MB RAM for Installation
  • Apache 2.0.x or 2.2.x w/ PHP
  • PCRE Lib – Auto-Installed


  • Both Dynamic and Static Object Caching
  • Auto Upgrade / Installation of Varnish and nginx
  • Auto Installation / uninstallation
  • cPanel WHM Integration
  • Varnish and Nginx configuration editor
  • Cache Hit / Miss Statistics


ApacheBooster - Varnish, Nginx


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